Get More from your Scan Data

SCANNING CARS LLC specializes in unique methods for creating accurate, appealing visuals from your scan data.


Textured 3D Models, 3D Printed Models, Animatable Models, Crush Profiles, Watertight Models, and More


Full Scene Meshing, Photogrammetry, Evidence Projection, texture scan data with drone photos, retopologize, and More

Animations and Simulations

Visibility, Simulation Data to Animation, Pedestrians, Rendered Animations, Web Based Interactive Animations, and More

Get the Most from your Data

SCANNING CARS LLC can help you get the most from your scan data

Scanning Cars has been helping clients get the most out of their data since 2015. While point clouds from a 3d scanner are impressive they can also be a real burden to deal with. Converting your data to a mesh makes the project a lot more visually intuitive, easier to take measurements and interact with, easier to share, and doesn't require a powerful computer or specilized software.

Scanning cars can also help you integrate drone or other photogrammetry with your scan data, modifiy existing models, optimize meshes for simulation integration and a lot more.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a FARO X/S/M Series Scanner you can simply provide the .fls files directly off the memory card - no pre-processing is required. You may also provide individual, registered .e57 files exported from your Faro SCENE project. If you have a non Faro scanner you will need to provide registered .e57 files.

There is not a hard limit, I have successfully meshed projects with 60+ scans

Some types of projects are done at a fixed cost e.g. meshing scenes. Please contact for pricing:

Meshing is done using a variety of programs (Rhino, Meshlab, Blender, SCENE etc) with code written in Python

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